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October/November 2021

In this issue:

  • Church of the Wild founder Victoria Loorz explains how outdoor worship can heal our spiritual relationship with the Earth
  • Go inside the United Church-led movement to create supervised consumption sites
  • Join Vivian Ketchum, an Anishinabe “gramma”, as she and other elders embark on a road trip to bring closure to residential school survivors.

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In This Issue

Editor's Letter

  • Jocelyn Bell

    Topics: Spirituality

    Grandma’s illness

    She taught me about accepting difference in others.

    By Jocelyn Bell


  • Topics: Spirituality

    Reply all (print exclusive)

    In our July/August issue, four writers explored a personal connection with their favourite holy figure

    By Broadview Staff


  • Topics: Spirituality

    The lens (print exclusive)

    “The people whose voices I’m trying to amplify are working-class, Scarborough-living racialized people, like my parents.”

    By Brian Trinh
  • Topics: Justice

    This month in 1937 (print exclusive)

    Canada’s connection to "Redemption Song"

    By Jadine Ngan
  • Topics: Ethical Living

    Timeline: A brief history of Daylight Saving Time (print exclusive)

    We love getting an extra hour of sleep when the clocks turn back — and dread losing one in the spring

    By Kristy Woudstra
  • Topics: Ethical Living

    Cool things (print exclusive)

    These faith organizations are spreading good for goodness' sake

    By Kate Spencer
  • Topics: Ethical Living

    Good advice (print exclusive)

    How to help someone who is grieving

    By Alex Mlynek
  • Topics: Spirituality

    Ode to offering envelopes (print exclusive)

    Everyone who has ever attended church likely recognizes offering envelopes

    By Jadine Ngan




  • Topics: Spirituality

    ‘One holy thing’ (print exclusive)

    Sinéad O’Connor reveals the soul of a punk in a bracing new memoir

    By KC Hoard
  • Topics: Spirituality

    ‘Learning how to burn’ (print exclusvie)

    The conflicts and joys of growing up Mennonite

    By Alex Mlynek
  • Topics: Ethical Living

    The long conversation (print exclusive)

    When the pandemic hit, writer Ivan Coyote found connection in a stack of unanswered letters

    By KC Hoard
  • Topics: Spirituality

    Modern faith (print exclusive)

    The "Unholier Than Thou" podcast isn’t scared to mix religion and politics

    By Monique Mulima

United Church in Focus

  • Topics: Spirituality

    Churches band together to mourn COVID-19’s impact on communities of colour

    Rev. Stephen Milton says the number of crosses relates to Ontario’s daily death count

    By Stephanie Bai
  • Topics: UCC in Focus

    Minister creates self-guided jazz walk (print exclusive)

    Scan the QR code, and you’ll find yourself invited into a soundscape of poetry, hymns and improvisational jazz.

    By Jadine Ngan
  • Topics: Justice

    New podcast on child welfare (print exclusive)

    Marcus Rempel wants to engage Canadians in “a conversation about decolonizing child welfare.

    By Glynis Ratcliffe
  • Rev. Christopher White weighs in on a question about donating portions of land sales to Indigenous communities.

    Topics: UCC in Focus

    Question box (print exclusive)

    Does the United Church still practice evangelism?

    By Christopher White
  • Topics: UCC in Focus

    Retrospect (print exclusive)

    Scientists who parse primitive feasting sites conclude that the shared meal is not just the product of human civilization, but also its definition.

    By Elena Gritzan
  • Topics: Ethical Living

    Safe harbour

    The United Church movement for supervised consumption sites

    By Julie McGonegal
  • Topics: Ethical Living

    ‘Poetry has been an ally’

    When Margot van Sluytman's father was shot, life as she knew it ended.

    By Glynis Ratcliffe
  • Topics: UCC in Focus

    God at the lagoon (print exclusive)

    A chance meeting at trail’s end was exactly what I needed

    By Linda van Omme


  • Topics: Ethical Living

    Shay Paul, sustainable food advocate

    Food security and sustainable agriculture are tied to the issue of climate change, says the advocate

    By Mike Alexander