Broadview’s Awards

Broadview is honoured to have received several awards, as well as honourable mentions from the Associated Church Press, the Canadian Christian Communicators Association, the National Magazine Awards, and the Society of Publication Designers for our work in 2022.

Showcasing the award winning image where a girl with an orange beanie is standing talking on a cell phone with a slight smile on her face, she stands near a gas pump at a gas station.
Ricardo Bessa’s illustration for Alexandra Shimo’s piece “Every Christmas, my chosen family makes a promise” won second-place for original artwork from the Canadian Christian Communicators Association.


-Award of Excellence, In-Depth Coverage (Magazine or Journal): Forgotten Refugees, by Matthew Best

Award of Excellence, Theme Issue, Section, or Series (Magazine or Journal): Indigenous Vision, by Murray Pruden  

-Award of Excellence, Service Journalism: Reconciliation 101, by Maija Kappler

-Award of Excellence, Seasonal Article: Risen Again, by Andrew Faiz, Anne Thériault, Allyson McOuat, Rod Carley, Kate Spencer 

-Award of Excellence, Single Posting: I Can’t Remember Ever Spending a Christmas Away from My Family, by Chloe Tejada

-Award of Excellence, Best Emerging Journalist: Stephanie Bai, Broadview

-Award of Merit, International reporting – Long Format: A Journey of Unforgetting, by Susan Nerberg

-Award of Merit, Science writing for the world of faith – Long Format: Tiny Perfect Forests, by Alanna Mitchell

-Award of Merit, Denominational politics – Long Format: A Betrayal of Trust, by David Kim-Cragg

-Award of Merit, National/International Magazine: Broadview, by Broadview Staff

-Honourable Mention, Personal Experience – Short Format (1,200 words or fewer): Once More with Love, by Allyson McOuat

-Honourable Mention, Letters to the Editor: Final Goodbye, by David Wilson, editor

-Honourable Mention, Illustration, With Article or Cutline: Risen Again, by Chiara Ghigliazza


-First Place, Reporting and Writing, Feature: A Journey of Unforgetting, by Susan Nerberg

-First Place, Service Journalism: Reconciliation 101, by Maija Kappler (author), Rowan Red Sky (artist)

-First Place, Media Review: Tree Poachers, by Alanna Mitchell 

-First Place, Social Media Post:  I Can’t Remember Ever Spending a Christmas Away from My Family, by Chloe Tejada

-First Place, Video Production: Dreaming in Cree, by Broadview

-First Place, E-Newsletter: What do you think of Pope Francis’ apology to Indigenous people?, Where to find Easter in a time of loss, and An Indigenous minister answers the question: Why are you Christian?, by Chloe Tejada and Emma Prestwich

-First Place, General Excellence in Website:

-First Place, General Excellence in Print – Magazine: (March, June and September 2022)

Second Place, Biographical Profile: Canada’s Most Famous Chaplain, by Omar Mouallem

-Second Place, Best Photo: Herbie Kuhn, by Raina and Wilson 

-Second Place, Original Artwork: Chosen Family, by Ricardo Bessa 


-Single/Spread [Design: Custom Publishing – Brand / Institutional / Educational]: Local Lifelines

-Single/Spread [Illustration]: Local Lifelines 

Illustration by Tim Peacock from the piece “Local Lifelines” in the July/August 2022 issue of Broadview.

-Story [Illustration]: The Moment Everything Changed 

Kate Traynor’s illustrations in the piece “Education changed my life when I was in jail” from the January/February 2022 edition of Broadview “The Moment Everything Changed”.

-Cover [Design: Custom Publishing – Brand/Institutional/Educational]: The Moment Everything Changed

Cover image of Broadview’s January/February 2022 edition recognized by the Society of Publication Designers with an award win.


-Honourable Mention, Illustration: The Moment Everything Changed, Illustration by Kate Traynor, Carol Moskot, art director

-Honourable Mention, Profiles: Canada’s Most Famous Chaplain, by Omar  Mouallem, Kristy Woudstra, handling editor; Elena Gritzan, fact-checker

-Honourable Mention, Best Editorial Package: Indigenous Vision, by Murray Pruden, guest editor. Patty KrawecSusan McPherson DerendyHarlan PrudenSheila CookKaylee WoodSusan NerbergMike AlexanderBeatrice EkokoPenny SmokeEmily StandfieldDavid Kim-CraggJackson Pind, writers. Mer YoungPhilip CoteNevada Lynn, artists. Jessica Deeks and Niv Shimshon, photographers, with Broadview editorial staff

-Honourable Mention, Best Magazine: Special Interest: Broadview