Jocelyn Bell


Jocelyn Bell

As Editor and Publisher, I lead the team at Broadview. My job includes everything from developing and editing stories to creating budgets and setting strategies. You can email me at




Carol Moskot

Art Director

As Art Director, I lead every aspect of the overall visual style, layout, and graphic design of Broadview, including its brand identity and logo. My job is that of visual storyteller — envisioning the magazine’s content through the lens or brush of the right photographer or illustrator—to create a compelling narrative. You can email me at



Caley Moore

Managing Editor

My main job as managing editor is keeping the production process on track. I’m also the handling editor for the arts and culture section, and I do some feature editing too. You can email me at






Kristy Woudstra

Features Editor

I assign and edit the feature stories and Snapshot section for our print magazine. I also develop the digital strategy. My passion is to write about human rights issues both at home and overseas. You can email me at



Emma Prestwich

Digital Editor

As the digital editor at Broadview, I’m responsible for overseeing and editing all the digital content. I also select photos to use in digital stories, review pitches, assign stories and select which print stories are repurposed for our website. You can email me at




Andrew Faiz

Associate Editor

As the associate editor at Broadview, I oversee the content for the “Perspectives” section of our print magazine. Perspectives comprises two to three shorter length articles, plus an interview. You can email me at




Elena Gritzan

Associate Editor

I’m one of Broadview’s associate editors. I assign and edit the United Church in Focus section of the magazine, and oversee the magazine’s fact-checking process. You can email me at









Brian Trinh

Assistant Digital Editor









Patricia Ingold

Editorial Administration

As support to both Observer Publications Inc. and the editorial team, I have a wide range of challenging responsibilities, such as recording and writing meeting minutes, lending support to the annual grant application, and submitting entries to multiple award organizations, just to name a few. You can email me at



Sarah Watt

Circulation Marketing Manager

My work is on subscription campaigns and managing circulation tasks like issue selections and renewal and invoice runs. You can email me at




Sharon Doran

Classifieds, Friends Fund, Promotion Manager

I manage our classified advertising, promotions and fundraising departments. I have been with the magazine for over 30 years. You can email me at or for Classifieds inquiries.




Laurie Myles

Integrated Marketing Sales Manager

My job is advertising sales for print and digital opportunities. You can email me at





Heather Bruce


I manage requests from Broadview representatives and administer group subscriptions. As Broadview’s Administrator, I also assist with general office operations. You can email me at







Michael Johnston, Julian Lombardo, Matthew Yassini