In our debut episode of And Also Some Women, hosts Junia Joplin and Anne Thériault delve into Mary Magdalene, a figure who has been depicted in many different ways: as a sex worker, as the apostle to the apostles, even as Jesus’ wife. In this episode they’ll try to figure out what, if any, of those characterizations are accurate.

This episode’s guests are Diana Butler Bass, Elizabeth Schrader Polczer and Nikole Mitchell.

Bass is an award-winning author, a speaker, preacher and historian of Christianity. She has a Ph.D. in religious studies from Duke University and lives in Alexandria, Va.

Polczer is a biblical scholar whose studies focus on textual criticism, Mary Magdalene and the Gospel of John.

Mitchell is a life coach and sex worker who previously worked as a pastor.

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Watch a video of the sermon Diana Butler Bass delivered at the Wild Goose Festival

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All the Marys viral sermon transcript

All the Marys viral sermon

Pope Gregory I pronounces Mary Magdalene a “sinful woman” in the year 591

Pope Francis honours St. Mary Magdalene as an apostle

Complete Idiot’s Guide to Mary Magdalene


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