In this week’s episode of And Also Some Women, hosts Junia Joplin and Anne Thériault take it back to the very beginning with the mother of all things: Eve. They are joined by Reuven Kimelman and River Needham to discuss how much we really know about the first woman to roam the Earth.

Reuven Kimelman is a professor of classical Judaica at Brandeis University and a rabbi of a congregation in Brookline, Massachusetts.

River Needham is a doctoral student at the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago.


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Sources for this episode:

The Seduction of Eve and Feminist Readings of the Garden of Eden by Reuven Kimelman 

The Rhetoric of the Jewish Liturgy: A Historical and Literary Commentary on the Daily Prayer Book by Reuven Kimelman


Full interviews for this episode:

Reuven Kimelman Interview – And Also Some Women

River Needham Interview – And Also Some Women


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