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And Also Some Women is a look at the Bible’s most fascinating women. Listen in as host Junia Joplin and reporter Anne Thériault explore popular Biblical women through a feminist lens. Their conversations with leading theologians offer surprising new takes on familiar characters like Eve, Esther and Mary Magdalene.

This podcast is made possible thanks to a donation by longtime Broadview readers Revs. Lillian and John Perigoe.

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In our debut episode of And Also Some Women, hosts Junia Joplin and Anne Thériault delve into Mary Magdalene, a figure who has been depicted in many different ways: as a sex worker, as the apostle to the apostles, even as Jesus’ wife. In this episode they’ll try to figure out what, if any, of those characterizations are accurate.

This episode’s guests are Diana Butler Bass, Elizabeth Schrader Polczer and Nikole Mitchell.

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Episode release schedule

Episode 1: Mary Magdalene – May 16

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Episode 2: Bad Girls of the Bible – May 23

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Episode 3: Mary, Mother of Jesus – May 30

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Episode 4: Old Testament Women – June 6

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Episode 5: Eve – June 13

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About our hosts

Rev. Junia Joplin is the associate pastor of programs and congregational care at the Metropolitan Community Church of Toronto. She was named one of Canada’s Top 25 Women of Influence in 2021.


Anne Thériault is a writer whose work has been published in Broadview, Longreads, The Walrus and many other publications. Her Broadview feature story, Unravelling the Myth of Mary Magdalene, helped inspire this podcast.



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