April/May 2022

In this issue:

  • Five writers reflect on what resurrection means to them
  • Affordable housing advocates and animal lovers team up to fight a building project that could displace both people and turtles
  •  Meet the Canadians fighting racism in hockey

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In This Issue

Editor’s Letter

  • Topics: Spirituality

    Moments of seeing (print exclusive)

    How do we recognize the risen Christ in our own lives?

    By Jocelyn Bell


  • Topics: Ethical Living

    Stolen land (print exclusive)

    Responses from our readers

    By Broadview Staff


  • Topics: Ethical Living

    The lens

    Conservation photographer TJ Watt captures old-growth trees before and after they're cut down

    By Brian Vinh Tien Trinh
  • Topics: Justice

    This month in 1940 (print exclusive)

    Women finally win right to vote in Quebec

    By Broadview Staff
  • Topics: Ethical Living

    Survey says (print exclusive)

    Diversity in Canadian newsrooms

    By Broadview Staff
  • Topics: Spirituality

    Cool things (print exclusive)

    Canadian churches that went solar

    By Kate Spencer
  • Topics: Ethical Living

    Good advice (print exclusive)

    Meaningful acts of kindness

    By Alex Mlynek
  • Topics: Spirituality

    Ode (print exclusive)

    The communion wafer

    By Jadine Ngan




UCC in Focus


  • Topics: Justice

    Angel Power (print exclusive)

    By Amy MacLachlan