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5 steps to help you start death cleaning

The Swedish tradition of a final tidy up might sound depressing, but it will lighten your load physically, mentally and spiritually.


Are you ready to pare down a lifetime of paperwork and tchotchkes? Here are some practical steps to help you begin death cleaning.

1. Go through each room of your home and methodically attack clutter and mess.

2. Dispose of anything that sparks bad memories, such as angry letters or unwanted gifts.

3. Donate or recycle what isn’t valuable, useful or of sentimental value.

4. Consider giving sentimental items and family heirlooms to loved ones now.

5. Create a box or folder of essential information that your family may need upon your death. Include any passwords, account numbers or phone numbers for insurance policies and attorneys. You can also put personal letters to your family here and lay out any of your final wishes, which should also be reiterated in your will and legal documents.

Fiona Tapp is a freelance writer in Ottawa.


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