David Armour. (Photo courtesy of Food Banks Canada)

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United Church lays off head of fundraising

The position elimination comes as part of previously planned budget cuts


The United Church of Canada has laid off its executive minister of philanthropy as part of broader budget cuts.

David Armour, who was also the president of The United Church of Canada Foundation, is the first of about 20 staff to be let go over the coming months, said Catherine Rodd, the church’s executive officer of communications. His position was eliminated, she said.

The General Council Executive has asked the organization to reduce its budget by $4 million this year to meet its goals in 2021. The cuts, which come in response to lower Mission & Service donations and assessments from communities of faith, have been in the works for more than a year and are not related to the COVID-19 pandemic, United Church Chief Financial Officer Erik Mathiesen told Broadview in March.

Rodd said that the church has not yet laid off other staff, but will do so in phases during the summer.

Armour had spent nine years as both head of philanthropy and the president of The United Church of Canada Foundation, said Rodd. Sarah Charters will act as both the director of philanthropy and head of the foundation.

As part of budget cuts, grant recipients, including Broadview, were also recently notified that their grants would be reduced.

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  • says:

    It is always regrettable to lay off good people. I am concerned that the plan for 2020 was made pre pandemic. So much has changed and is changing. We have seen for example, a huge shift in Shining Waters nd United in Learning to respond to the needs of churches today and our uncertain future. Perhaps the national church could do a rethink on what is now an outdated plan?