A model house and a key. (Jens Neumann/Pixabay)
Rent in many Canadian cities has gone up while vacancies decreased. (Photo: Jens Neumann/Pixabay)

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10 most expensive cities to be a renter

Tenants are experiencing sticker shock across much of the country


In 2019, rents in many cities across the country reached an all-time high while vacancies plummeted — a detrimental combination when it comes to affordable housing. Here, we take a look at how the median price of renting a one-bedroom apartment has changed since June 2016, when the site PadMapper started generating monthly rent reports. Prices dipped in Edmonton and Regina as of July 2019, but tenants are experiencing sticker shock elsewhere.

*Source: Canada Housing and Mortgage Corporation

This infographic first appeared in Broadview’s November 2019 issue.

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