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Broadview editor and publisher Jocelyn Bell. (Photo: Regina Garcia)

Topics: April/May 2021, Ethical Living | Editor's Letter

Broadview’s latest cover marks a change in our magazine

Loss of revenue due to the pandemic compels us to make important changes


Keen-eyed readers will notice a small change on our cover this month. In the top right corner, where it would normally say “April 2021,” it reads “April/May 2021.” That’s because we have reduced our print frequency from 10 to eight issues per year. Every other issue will now be a two-month issue: your next magazine will be the June issue, then July/August, then September, then October/November and so on.

The move to eight issues is to save on costs. The loss of revenue due to the pandemic has compelled us to take a red pencil to our expenses — and printing and postage are among our biggest bills.

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Rest assured, you’ll receive all the issues you paid for with your current 10-issue subscription. But the next time you renew your subscription (and I sincerely hope you will!), you’ll sign up for eight issues, and the annual subscription price will remain the same. How can we ask subscribers to pay the same amount for two fewer issues? There are a few ways to think about this.

First, subscription rates don’t cover all the costs of running a small media organization. That’s why we also need advertising, donations and grants. If we relied solely on subscription revenue to produce this award-winning publication, the magazine would cost $84 per year.

Second, our pricing is similar to other high-quality Canadian magazines: The Walrus charges $29.75 for an eight-issue subscription; Canadian Geographic charges $28.50 for six issues; and Cottage Life is $29.95 for six issues. I believe we deliver as much value as these titles. And as a small team — working independently and without the economies of scale that a big media company can provide — I also think we consistently punch above our weight.

Finally, to be a sustainable publication for the future, we need to keep investing in our digital presence. In 2020, our digital team of two people posted fresh content daily, managed four social media platforms, sent out a weekly e-newsletter, hosted our monthly Broadview Online Reading Club, created a stunning video about Yazidi refugees, built an online tool for finding livestream worship services and much more. Their efforts resulted in hundreds of thousands of people discovering Broadview. Our hope is for new online visitors to become print subscribers and donors.

You, too, can help us reach more people in 2021. Hop online at, follow us on social media and sign up for our e-newsletter — then share our content with your friends and invite them to follow us, too. If you’re able to do so, consider giving a gift subscription or donating to our Friends Fund. Let’s work together to grow this community that cares deeply about spirituality, social justice and ethical living.

This editor’s letter first appeared in Broadview’s April/May 2021 issue with the title “Tough decisions.”

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Jocelyn Bell



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