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Andrew Faiz is Broadview’s new associate editor

His Presbyterian roots are a welcome fit with our team


As the season changes, so has Broadview’s editorial department. And we couldn’t be happier. Broadview is pleased to share that Andrew Faiz is our new associate editor.

Andrew’s Presbyterian roots are a welcome fit with Broadview’s team. Many will remember him as a longtime editor with The Presbyterian Record. Broadview, formerly The United Church Observer, continues its long affiliation with The United Church of Canada, however the magazine’s new mandate is to serve all progressive Christians in Canada and those who share progressive Christianity’s core values.

“Andrew is a great addition to our team because he brings a different sensibility to our coverage of spirituality, social justice and ethical living,” says Editor and Publisher Jocelyn Bell. “Since our launch, Broadview has engaged new readers from across the Christian spectrum — and beyond. We are very pleased that Andrew is on board to support our vision of a more ecumenical publication.”

In addition to his 12 years with the Presbyterian Record, Andrew was a lay minister with The Presbyterian Church in Canada, and has worked with a variety of media outlets including CBC Radio, the Red Deer Advocate and TVOntario. He also produced a documentary for the National Film Board of Canada.

Throughout his career, he has built a reputation for being creative, fair and thoughtful. The many journalism awards he has won are a testament to the high calibre of his work.

Andrew is overseeing Broadview’s interviews and opinions sections, and contributing ideas and input to all other parts of the magazine. To share a story idea with Andrew, email him at And to subscribe to Broadview, go to


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    I was just able to recently catch up on some reading, which included the January/February 2023 issue of Broadview. I was incredibly offended by the article 'the price of pets' I am sorry, but it is hardly to place of a literary editor to preach about ethics, and how people should prioritize their money or charitable donations. Pets offer support and love to many of society's marginalized people, and as such, deserve recognition and support. I would suggest Mr. Faiz, stop his judgemental rhetoric and stick to reporting, and stop prosyletizing and preaching in his articles.