Broadview's April 2020 cover, which won an honourable mention in the magazine cover category at the 2021 ACP Awards.
Broadview's April 2020 cover, which won an honourable mention in the magazine cover category at the 2021 ACP Awards.

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Broadview takes top honours at faith-based publishing awards

The publication’s journalism, illustrations and design were recognized at 2021 CCCA and ACP awards ceremonies


Broadview was named top magazine and website by the Canadian Christian Communicators Association (CCCA) and top magazine by the Associated Church Press (ACP), at two different ceremonies this week. The publication also received 29 other honours from these two associations.

Among the wins were 17 prizes at the CCCA Awards, including the A.C. Forrest Memorial Award for excellence in socially conscious religious journalism Wednesday night. Each year, the CCCA hands out awards for the highest-quality examples of writing and reporting in the community.

On Thursday, Broadview won 11 awards of excellence and merit along with four honourable mentions at the Associated Church Press Awards (ACP). The ACP Awards honour faith communicators’ best work in the previous year.

Broadview thanks both organizations for their recognition of its work, which you can read below:

Canadian Christian Communicators Association Award Wins:

– A.C. Forrest Memorial Award: Final Wish, by Kevin Spurgaitis

First Place, News Story: Dead End, by Sally Armstrong

-First Place, Feature (Non Fiction): The Myth of Mary Magdalene, by Anne Thériault 

-First Place, Feature Series: Small Miracles, by KC Hoard, Adele Halliday, Julie McGonegal and Jenna Tenn-Yuk

-First Place, Opinion Piece: What I Need from White People, by Adele Halliday 

-First Place, Media Review: Separated at Birth, by Anne Thériault

-First Place, Personal Experience/First Person Account: Next of Kin, by Trisha Elliott

-First Place, News Photo: Dead End, Peter Bregg, photographer

-First Place, Feature Photo: A Survivor’s Guilt, Sean Cribbin/ Nick Wong, photographer

-First Place, Original Artwork: Church in a Pandemic (cover), Steve Scott, illustrator

-First Place, Feature Layout & Design: View from the Top, Carol Moskot, designer

-First Place, General Excellence in Website Design: Emma Prestwich and Strategic Content Labs

-First Place, General Excellence in Print – Magazine: April, July/August, November

-Second Place, From the Editor: New Heights, by Jocelyn Bell

-Second Place, Interview: Faye Slift, by Leah Rumack

Second Place, Front Cover: Church in a Pandemic, Carol Moskot, designer

Second Place, Video Production: How a Gift of Land Is Helping Yazidi Refugees Farm Again, Rudy Gauer, videographer and editor/ Emma Prestwich, producer

“Broadview is well balanced between news and feature, opinion and art, and light topics and heavy…. As an overall magazine, Broadview serves readers best and most.” – Associated Church Press judging panel

Associated Church Press Award Wins:

-Best In Class — National/ International Magazine category (Award of Excellence):April, July/August, November, by Jocelyn Bell, Editor/Publisher

-Magazine Feature Article, over 1,200 words (Award of Merit): Meltdown, by Susan Nerberg

-Magazine News Story (Award of Excellence): Dead End, by Sally Armstrong

-In-Depth Coverage — Magazine/Journal (Award of Merit): Final Wish, by Kevin Spurgaitis & Our Last Day, by Judith Pettersen

-Theme Issue, Section, or Series (Award of Merit): Rethinking the Police, by Aleysha Haniff 

-Personal Experience/ First-Person Account — Long Format in Magazine/ Journal (Award of Excellence): Next of Kin, by Trisha Elliott

Department  — Print Publications (Honourable Mention): Snapshot (October, June, December) by Kristy Woudstra (editor), Carol Moskot (designer)

Letter to the Editor (Award of Excellence): November 2020, by David Wilson

Seasonal Article (Honourable Mention): On Good Friday amid a plague, a hard truth emerges, by David Giuliano

Magazine Cover (Award of Merit): April 2020, by Carol Moskot

Magazine/ Journal Design, Spread or Story (Award of Merit): View From The Top, by Carol Moskot

Illustration, with Article or Cutline (Honourable Mention): High Stakes, by Sebastien Thibault 

Publication Website (Award of Merit):, Emma Prestwich & Aleysha Haniff

Single Photo with Article or Cutline (Honourable Mention): A Survivor’s Guilt, by Nick Wong

Documentary Short, under 30 minutes (Award of Excellence): How a Gift of Land Is Helping Yazidi Refugees Farm Again, by Rudy Gauer, Emma Prestwich


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