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10 easy ways to kick our nasty plastic habit

It's not as hard as you think.


How to wean yourself off your fossil-fuelled plastic dependency, with advice from Nikki Sanchez of the David Suzuki Foundation.

1. Carry a canvas or other fabric shopping bag to avoid using plastic throwaways.

2. Bring reusable glass jars to the bulk store.

3. Use a stainless-steel water bottle and mug. (Starbucks’ disposable cups, for instance, have a plastic lining and can’t be recycled, so some four billion of them go into landfill every year.)

4. Organize a clothing swap to avoid buying new garments made of synthetic fibres.

5. Buy beans and other staples in bulk instead of plastic-lined cans. They take longer to cook but cut down on your plastic use — and exposure to bisphenol A.

6. Consider buying a yogurt maker instead of getting your fix from plastic containers.

7. If you bring a lunch to work, pack your regular cutlery instead of using plastic. Too cumbersome? Outdoor gear stores offer lightweight, portable options.

8. Use biodegradable dog-poop bags and compost Fido’s business (separately from food waste, of course).

9. Pack your lunch in glass jars or stainless-steel containers.

10. Make your own cleaning products, like toothpaste and laundry detergent, to reduce the number of plastic containers.

This story first appeared in The Observer’s April 2018 edition with the title “10 ways to go plastic free.”


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