April 2020

In this issue:

  • The myth of Mary Magdalene
  • Discovering I’m autistic in midlife
  • Indigenous petroglyphs under threat

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In This Issue

Editor's Letter


  • Topics: Uncategorised

    Responses to our January/February issue (print exclusive)

    By Broadview Staff


  • Topics: Justice

    Lens (print exclusive)

    Tommaso Protti's photos show the humanitarian and environmental crises in the Brazilian Amazon

    By Tommaso Protti
  • Topics: Ethical Living

    The List (social media exclusive)

    4 libraries we'd love to visit

    By Broadview Staff
  • Topics: Ethical Living

    Ode (print exclusive)

    Hot cross buns

    By Anne Thériault
  • Topics: Ethical Living

    The Marathon of Hope (social media exclusive)

    This month in 1980

    By Russul Sahib
  • Topics: Ethical Living

    Cool Things (social media exclusive)

    The Big Bang Theory and other inventions by Christian leaders

    By Kate Spencer
  • Topics: Justice

    Needed (print exclusive)

    Useful items to donate to local refugee houses

    By Russul Sahib




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