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‘Called to be the Church’ is in your hands!

This invaluable resource helps encourage generosity in your congregation


Every United Church Pastoral Charge will have received (or will soon receive) the annual Called to be the Church congregational giving program providing everything leaders need to increase giving in their congregation. (Also on This invaluable resource provides step-by-step guides to inspire, invite and thank through a variety of programs, worship services, sermon videos and children’s resources for key liturgical seasons and more. Don’t miss out on this vital opportunity to take generosity to new heights in your congregation!

Because every congregation is slightly different, your leaders will find a method that will work best to encourage generosity and gratitude in your community of faith. That’s why Called To Be The Church is designed to be adaptable. You can pick and choose from a wealth of inspiring ideas.

Good things happen when a church focuses time, energy and money on others — it stimulates generosity and creative thinking that will enliven any congregation. Carrying out a giving program annually lets everyone know your church has a vision that is bigger than just keeping the doors open. With God’s mission and our gifts, all things are possible!


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