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Amid a rise in anti-LGBTQ2S+ hate, progressive Christian faith leaders are expressing their support for queer people and rejecting non-affirming theology. (Photo courtesy of Rev. Stephen Milton / Lawrence Park Community Church)

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‘God loves queer people’: Canadian ministers show LGBTQ2S+ support in video

Faith leaders from multiple denominations are hoping to counter the narrative that all Christians support hate


How does God feel about queer people? Amid a rise in hate against LGBTQ2S+ people in Canada, dozens of progressive ministers across Christian denominations in Canada have made their stance clear that “God loves queer people” in a video produced by Rev. Stephen Milton of Lawrence Park Community Church in Toronto.

The video features many messages of support, with specific affirmations for various LGBTQ2S+ groups such as Two-Spirit, non-binary and trans people.

“As followers of Jesus Christ, we affirm the sacred worth of people of all sexual orientations and gender,” ministers in the video say.

Earlier this month, over 800 cross-denominational Christian faith leaders across Canada signed a statement expressing unity and support with queer people, denouncing anti-LGBTQ2S+ hate and rejecting any theology that does not affirm diverse sexual and gender identities. The group also held a press conference and attended the annual raising of the Pride Flag at Queen’s Park to mark Pride Month.

“By affirming this unity statement, we commit to embodying the love, compassion, and justice of Jesus Christ in our interactions with our 2SLGBTQI siblings,” the statement read.

The statement came after Ontario MPP and NDP critic for 2SLGBTQ+ issues Kristyn Wong-Tam invited a group of progressive Christian leaders to meet with them and discuss how to counter the right-wing narrative that Christians hate queer people, said Milton.

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Included in the statement are commitments to provide inclusive worship spaces, pastoral care for queer people and dialogue towards reconciliation.

“Together, let our voices and actions contribute to a world where individuals of all sexual orientations and gender identities are embraced, celebrated, and afforded equal rights and opportunities,” the statement concludes.


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