Broadview readers enjoy the magazine and all the information and variety it offers, both in print and online. You can help deepen readers’ engagement with Broadview’s content — and community — with these six ideas:

  1. Broadview Reading Clubs: A Broadview Reading Club is a discussion group that meets eight times per year to discuss articles from the current issue. The reading groups provide a way to reach out, engage and further reflect on the stories of faith, justice and spirituality that are included in each issue of the magazine. For many more tips on how to start your own group, or join an existing club, go to
  2.  National Online Reading Club: Much like the local reading clubs, the National Online Reading Club is a panel discussion, hosted by Broadview on Zoom. At a typical meeting, three writers or story subjects from the most recent issue share their perspective and take questions from readers. The conversation is lively! For more information, go to
  3. Follow Us Online: Did you know that Broadview is producing original content for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram every day? Some of our most animated (and sometimes heated!) discussions happen on these platforms. You can encourage Broadview subscribers and non-subscribers to follow us as well, and join the dialogue.
  4. Share Our Stories: Sharing Broadview’s stories has never been easier. Whether you prefer email, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, highlighting a Broadview story is just a click away. When you share them with members of your congregation or organization, be sure to invite a response with open-ended questions, like: what do you like/dislike about this story? Do you agree with the writer? What more do you know about this topic? Or, if you favour a more classic approach, give someone the latest copy of Broadview, tagged with something special that you think the person might enjoy. Offer to chat with them over a cup of coffee after they’ve had a chance to read it. Maybe you’ll both learn a new life perspective or be able to share a new experience.
  5. Broadview’s Weekly Newsletter: Encourage Broadview subscribers and non-subscribers to sign up for our weekly newsletter. Each Friday, they’ll receive our best and most timely stories of the week delivered right to their inbox. Many of the articles in the newsletter are only available online! The enewsletter is a great way to introduce potential new subscribers to Broadview’s content and to ensure that print subscribers aren’t missing on our digital stories. Click here to sign up at
  6. Coming Soon Newsletter: As Broadview’s rep or enthusiast, you receive Broadview’s “Coming Soon” newsletter. This email gives you lots of insider information about what’s coming in the next issue, news about Broadview fundraisers, awards and events, and cover PDFs that you can post to your church’s website, newsletter or social media, or have printed in the church bulletin, as well as and more. To add your name to the list, please contact Sharon Doran at

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