It’s that time again! The months have passed since your last annual renewal deadline, and the next deadline is approaching. Here’s what you can do to make your upcoming renewal process as smooth as possible:

1. Keep Broadview top-of-mind by including our “Coming in this Issue” information in your church bulletin with each issue. This email, which will be sent to Reps just before the magazine arrives, helps sustain interest in the magazine!

2. Eight weeks before the renewal deadline, contact our promotion department at to order:

  • extra copies of Broadview, brochures for your renewal table.
  • free Broadview subscription envelopes for the pews.

3. Four weeks leading up to the renewal deadline:

  • Place a weekly reminder in the church bulletin, the church enewsletter, and/or on the church’s website or social pages (e.g. Facebook) letting everyone know the due date for their renewal. If you have group subscribers email addresses, you can also email them directly, reminding them to e-transfer payment, or bring cash or cheques to church. Go to our downloadable resources page (click here) to find graphics and suggested phrasing.
  • Make a pitch during the announcements at church, reminding subscribers to renew and inviting non-subscribers to consider a subscription.
  • Place subscription envelopes in the pews and/or in Sunday bulletin. Completed envelopes can be dropped in the collection plate, left in the church office, or you can ask that they be returned to you.
  • For people who forget to bring their payment, have cards ready to hand out with your email address so they can send money via e-transfer when they get home (if they have a smartphone, this transaction can also be done on the spot). Or arrange for a large, clearly marked envelope to be held in the office where people can drop off their cheques.
  • Set up a weekly Broadview renewal table – in your church narthex or coffee hour, or both!
    -Have the renewal forms and pens handy, and make sure you have enough change ready for those who want to pay with cash.
    -Have extra magazines and brochures on hand for those who may be interested in a new subscription (see “Eight weeks before…” above!).
    -If you set up during coffee hour, position your table close to the beverages, without getting in the way. Try to be on the “departures” rather than “arrivals” side, so people can approach while enjoying their coffee.
    -Grab some magazines, come out from behind the table and talk to people about Broadview. Enjoy your moment as Broadview’s enthusiastic ambassador!