A discount subscription plan is available to any congregation where there are five or more subscribers. New subscriptions and renewals are handled through a congregational representative (Rep) who collects annual fees from subscribing members and remits the subscribers’ information and payments to Broadview. The group plan subscription price includes applicable taxes.

Once you have at least five members in your group ready to subscribe to Broadview, and one member willing to serve as the Group Rep, you can get everything set up in one short email — just like this:


To: groupsubscriptions@broadview.org

Subject: New church subscription group


Please set up a new church subscription group. Here is our information:

[Church name] [Church address] [Billing address (if different from church address), and “Attention To” name] [Minister’s name, address (if different from church address) and email] [Rep’s name, address (if different from church address) and email and phone number if available

[Names, addresses and emails (optional) of the five or more subscribers in the group]


Thank you,

[Rep’s name]


Once we receive this information, we’ll send you an invoice for the full amount owed. You’ll collect the funds from the group members and pay the bill via one of the following methods:

  • Cheque (mailed to Broadview Groups Suite C1-310 Danforth Ave Toronto ON M4K 1N6)
  • Credit card (phone in to Group Subscriptions at 416-960-8500 x221 or 1-800-936-4566)

We look forward to setting up your new group!


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