Every year, you can host Free Trial subscriptions that can start at any time during the year! So, if you have a visitor or even someone who has been attending your church for a while but hasn’t yet subscribed, we encourage you to enroll them for a Free Trial subscription. Their name will then appear on your next group renewal list to decide whether to continue with a paid subscription. Just email us at groupsubscriptions@broadview.org with “Free Trial” in the subject line, and we will set them up for you.

The number of Free Trials you can provide each year is based on your group’s subscription count:
5 to 10 active subs      = 2 trial subscriptions
11 to 20 active subs    = 3 trial subscriptions
21 to 30 active subs    = 4 trial subscriptions
31 or more subs          = 5 trial subscriptions
  • Note: Some churches already have a process of providing a paid one-year subscription to new members as part of their outreach plan; we appreciate if you can continue to do that! This program is to inspire even further trial of the magazine beyond your current program.

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