Tips and ideas

Tips from other Broadview Reading Clubs

For church and other groups:

— Meet in the last week of the month to give people time to read the current issue

— Order extra free copies of Broadview to give to new members (email to request)

— Can’t meet face-to-face? Try hosting a virtual discussion using a program such as Google Hangouts.

— Reserve monthly meeting space at your local coffee shop

— Alternate meetings between members’ houses

— Combine a dinner club and reading club and alternate restaurants monthly

— Meet at your local library

— Welcome members from outside your church or community

— Start each meeting by inviting everyone to introduce themselves. (This is especially helpful for new members.)

— Select an object like a talking stick and when the person holding it is speaking, give them your undivided attention

— Hand out index cards. Ask everyone to write a question or observation on the card. Select one or more to discuss.

Ideas to get the word out

For all groups

— Advertise on bulletin boards at your local library, community centre or coffee shop

— Word of mouth: mention Reading Club at social events

— Invite family and friends

— Advertise on neighbourhood or your community social media pages

For church groups

— Advertise in your church Sunday bulletin

— Put a notice up on the church bulletin board(s)

— Word of mouth: Chat about the reading club with other church members whenever you get a chance at coffee hour/committee meetings/Sunday service/Bible Study

— Invite family and friends (extend a warm welcome to non-church members too)

— Ask your minister to mention it from pulpit

— Advertise on your church website/social media