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Minute for Mission – Broadview Magazine

Did you know that Broadview is the ONLY publication in Canada dedicated to sharing progressive Christian perspectives and news? Unlike most other magazines, it’s also a charity. 

That’s why your subscriptions and donations make an enormous difference. Here are 8 things you might not know about Broadview:

  1. Broadview aims to inspire people of faith to live with compassion, expand awareness and learning, and connect those with like-minded values. Broadview is the biggest progressive Christian network outside the church and in our country today.
  2. Broadview reaches subscribers in over 42 countries. What an impact!
  3. Broadview helps change the lives of young journalists. Through Broadview’s internship program, these students and recent grads gain invaluable work experience. More than that, Broadview’s internship program promotes faith-based journalism beyond our pages.
  4. Broadview is the ONLY faith-based publication to have ever won Best Special Interest Magazine from the National Magazine Awards (twice!). That’s a recognition of quality, fact-checked journalism — so vital in a time when damaging lies are spread with a simple click.
  5. Broadview works with diverse writers, illustrators and photographers, opening doors to talent too often overlooked. These creators not only grace Broadview’s pages but inform our hearts.
  6. Broadview’s prison gift subscription program builds literacy, empathy and self-awareness among inmates. More than that, it assures them we care.
  7. Broadview has just launched a new e-newsletter, specifically aimed at telling even more United Church stories. It’s called The Focus and you can subscribe for free on Broadview’s website.
  8. Broadview has released a podcast. And Also Some Women, is a five-episode series focusing on women in the Bible. It is available on all major podcasting platforms.

Broadview is 194 years old this year. Thanks to supporters, it is the oldest continuously published magazine in North America. 

You can help protect inspired journalism by subscribing, giving a gift subscription to a friend or loved one, and/or by making a gift at (Add your rep contact info here)

Together, through Broadview, we are doing great ministry. And together we can do even more. Thank you!

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