Niagara Falls, ON


Niagara Falls, ON We at Stamford Lane United are a growing faith community which is inclusive, creative, compassionate, action oriented and accessible to everyone. We are a warm and caring congregation where families feel at home.  Our worship services are inspiring storytelling that speaks to our everyday living. Our full-time Minister leads worship in coordination with our Music Director, offering a variety of styles of old and new music. Music is extremely important to worship and building community. We annually meet our M&S goal and have a sustainable local community outreach program supporting those struggling to address food insecurity, domestic violence, mental health and clothing shortages. Coming out of Covid, we are on a path to growth, as demonstrated in January when 21 people joined our church. With the support of a team-oriented Council and congregation, your visionary leadership, liberal theology, joyful outlook on life and enjoyment working with children/youth, will keep us moving forward towards something new within our community of faith and the wider community. Hopefully, you are intrigued by this unique opportunity in Niagara Falls and want to learn much more about Stamford Lane United on ChurchHub. You are encouraged to visit our website and to connect with our Search Committee at


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